The Story

inspiration is everywhere



Here's Sophie - my knitting buddy. She adopted me when she was 9 months old and has been by my side since.

Sophie's a Dobie with natural ears and a full tail and she likes it that way! 

If she had thumbs she would knit too.

My mom, Claire.


She didn't just show me how to knit, she taught me how to love my work. My dad was an architect, he taught me to appreciate form and function.  When I discovered felting, it opened up a new passion. I was able to turn a knitted piece into another fabric - a fabric that gave me the chance to create form and function.

 Claire has been on 100 orbits around the sun ... 

and still loves to knit!

Claire's 100th Birthday

When you have been 100 orbits around the sun, this is what your cake looks like.

Happy Birthday to my Mom.