Upcomming Shows

Aug 2 & 3

JACKALOPE Summer Nights

5pm - 10pm

Central Park, Old Pasadena, CA

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Aug 2 & 3

JACKALOPE Summer Nights

5pm - 10pm

Central Park, Old Pasadena, CA

Aug 10 & 11

Unique Markets Los Angeles

10am - 5pm

Barker Hanger, Santa Monica Airport, CA

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Aug 10 & 11

Unique Markets Los Angeles

10am - 5pm

Barker Hanger, Santa Monica Airport, CA

The Story

Art + Form

As a fiber artist knitting is my passion, my comfort zone. 

All my pieces are hand knitted using multiple strands of 100% Peruvian Highland wool knit together, felted and hand-blocked when wet resulting in a thick, durable yet supple piece of functional art.  

Peruvian Highland wool comes from a crossbreed sheep that lives in the Peruvian Highlands over 2,000m above sea level. They are derived from Corridale and Merinos and the environment in which they live allows them to produce a wool that is dry and durable, yet soft and luxurious. 

To felt my work I use the process of fulling. Fulling is the process that increases the thickness of knitted wool by subjecting it to moisture, heat, friction and pressure until the desired shrinkage and matting of both the warp and weft is achieved.

Each piece is then organically blocked by hand when wet, giving each one it’s very unique form. 

+ Function

 As functional art, my vessels are meant to be beautiful, and serve a purpose. Use them to keep important items organized in a stylish way—your phone, wallet, keys, photos, pens and pencils, yarns, even your remotes. It is the perfect way to display flowers, a plant, or fruit. Or leave it empty in its purest form.  

Eye candy in any room!

Because they are sturdy yet supple, you can roll, cuff or shape the lip – or let it stand straight up and honest. 

Make them your own. 

Embrace them and love them.

As wearable art my clutch bags are sturdy enough to hold your wallet, keys, phone, lipstick – all the little necessities you need to tote around for the day - without sagging or loosing its shape. 

The sturdy circular flat bottom makes finding everything easy.

My bags are not lined ... they are as interesting on the inside as on the outside.

It's the perfect grab-and-go bag.

+ Color

 Each piece is unique in color and form. 

No two are alike.


My pieces represent today's ongoing fascination with color and staying outside the traditional rules.


Each piece has it’s own one-of-a-kind color story. 


All colors used are chosen to contrast or compliment  each other in a combination to create a color theory unique to each piece. 


Some of my works are enhanced with a novelty carry-through yarn for an added twist of the rules. Just a little surprise. 


I do not use pre-constructed forms, containers or pots as a mold for blocking. 


No glue or stiffeners are used. Never!


All my pieces come with an individually signed, personalized hang tag with the name of each piece.

 As a gift, they are a sustainable way to add color, levity, and style to any gift recipient’s environment. 

inspiration is everywhere



Here's Sophie - my knitting buddy. She adopted me when she was 9 months old and has been by my side since.

Sophie's a Dobie with natural ears and a full tail and she likes it that way! 

If she had thumbs she would knit too.

My mom, Claire.


She didn't just show me how to knit, she taught me how to love my work. My dad was an architect, he taught me to appreciate form and function.  When I discovered felting, it opened up a new passion. I was able to turn a knitted piece into another fabric - a fabric that gave me the chance to create form and function.

 Claire has been on 100 orbits around the sun ... 

and still loves to knit!

Claire's 100th Birthday

When you have been 100 orbits around the sun, this is what your cake looks like.

Happy Birthday to my Mom.