As a fiber artist knitting is my passion, my comfort zone.

My pieces represent today's ongoing fascination of color and staying outside the traditional rules.

Each pieces is original, handmade and unique in color and form.


Vessels, pods, baskets and bags.

My pieces are created using multiple strands of 100% Peruvian Highland wool yarn knitted together, felted and organically hand-blocked, resulting in a thick, durable yet supple piece of functional art.

 No pre-constructed forms or containers are used for blocking. 

No glue or stiffeners are use


Break the Rules

No variegated yarns are used. Colors are chosen to contrast or complement each other to create a color theory that is unique to each piece. 

Functional Art


As functional art, my vessels are meant to be beautiful and serve a purpose.

My vessels are a sustainable way to keep your things organized  - your phone, wallet, keys, photos, pens and pencil, yarns, even your remote.

A perfect way to display flowers, a plant, or fruit.

Or leave it empty in its purest form as a woolen sculpture to brighten any space.


Make these vessels your own.

Because they are sturdy yet suppple, you can roll , cuff or shape the top - or let it stand straight up and honest.


Guaranteed to make you smile.

As a gift, my vessels are a sustainable way to add color and a  bit of serendipity to any environment.

Unique in color. Unique in form.

One-of-a-kind in a cookie-cutter world.

Each of my pieces is an original work. There is only a limited number offered at any given time.

My pieces are one of a  kind. Each is hand knitted using multiple strands of 100% Peruvian Highland wool. Some pieces feature a  novelty yarn.

All colors used are chosen to complement or contrast each other in a combination to create a color theory unique to each piece. 

felting each piece

I use the process of fulling to felt each piece.  Fulling is the process that increases the thickness of knitted wool by subjecting it to moisture, heat, friction and pressure until the desired shrinkage and matting of both the warp and weft is achieved.

organically blocked

After felting, each piecel is blocked by hand when wet. It's here where I give  each piece  its own unique shape and character.

I do not use pre-constructed forms, 

containers or pots as a mold for blocking. 

I do not use any stiffeners in the blocking process.

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Each piece comes with an individually signed, personalized hang tag with the name of each piece. 

We ship USPS priority. Tracking provided. Every piece is carefully wrapped and packed to arrive at your door in perfect condition.

Gift wrapping is available - just let us know.

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.